English 3

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8.02 Create an Editorial

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Prepare to publish !

It’s time to move your work from page to “newsprint” and allow others to read and evaluate your writing by posting your editorial on the Discussion Board.

  1. Go to the Discussion area and post your editorial.

  2. After posting your editorial, please review the work of one of your classmates. Complete and post the answers to the Evaluation Form as your reply in the Discussion area.


8.02 Headline News

8.02A Create an Editorial

Submit your polished editorial of at least five paragraphs as assignment 8.02A Create an Editorial.

8.02B Create an Editorial Discussion

  1. Post your editorial in the Discussion area.

  2. Read and evaluate another studentís editorial. Post your reply in the Discussion area.

  3. Submit your Evaluation Form and the name of the student to whom you responded as assignment 8.02B Create an Editorial Discussion.