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8.02 Create an Editorial

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What is an editorial?

  • An editorial is an article that uses a variety of methods to help shape, direct, or change public opinion.

  • Using various techniques like sarcasm, humor, predictions, facts, and of course opinions, the editorial aims to capture the attention of the reader and motivate him/her to think...to change...to act.

Why are editorials written?

  • To spotlight issues, causes, wrong doings, injustices, unfairness, and other hot topics

  • To stimulate the public to think about certain issues

  • To educate the public regarding certain issues

  • To challenge the public to develop opinions regarding certain issues

  • To motivate the public to take action concerning important issues

  • To change policies at local, state, national, and global levels

Who are some respected and talented writers with "opinions?"
  1. Visit The Miami Herald website to learn more about writer Carl Hiaasen.

  2. Visit The Miami Herald website to learn more about Dave Barry, a Pulitzer Prize winning writer. Look at Mr. Barry's Frequently Asked Questions for students.

  3. Which editorial writer appeals to you?

Find out
  • how to respond to an editorial.
  • how to write an editorial.
  • how share your own opinion.