***AGENDA (2nd trimester)

January 6-11

6-7—Snow days!

8—Get brains moving! Go over Scarlet Letter test

9—Vocab test units 7-9; create an outline for Realism (pgs. 494-501)

10—Hand in Realism outline; discuss Reflective essay and begin prewriting

January 13-17 (Vocab 10)

13— Continue prewriting/freewriting; discuss Realism; read Walt Whitman (pgs. 508-509, read 510 and do lit questions 1-3, read 512-515 and 1-3 questions, read 516-517 and complete 1-10 on pg. 519

14—Reflective essay rough draft due at the end of the hour

15—Editing day; discuss all of Whitman; read Emily Dickinson 524-532, do quickwrite on pg. 525; read "Because I could not stop for Death--", "Success is counted sweetest" and literary analysis 1-3, "My life closed twice before its close--", I heard a Fly buzz--when I died--" and #4 on pg. 534

16—Discuss Dickinson; final draft due at the end of the hour

17—Read "from Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass" (pgs. 536-547) and do questions 1-9 on pg. 548

January 20-24 (Vocab 11)

20— MLK Jr. Day/No school

21— Read Harriet Jacobs info and “from Incidents from the Life of a Slave Girl” (pgs. 550-557) and complete questions on pg. 558

22— Quick writes on “from Incidents” (see attached); hw: read Ambrose Bierce info and “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge (pgs. 580-592) and do questions 4, 5, 7, 8 on pg. 593

23— Discuss “An Occurrence…” Begin grammar Unit IV, lesson one: agreement

24—Snow day!





January 27-31 (Vocab 12)

27— Snow day!

28— Snow day!

29— (QPD) Correct lesson one: agreement; assign lesson two: pronoun/antecedent agreement

30— Correct lesson two: pronoun/antecedent agreement; assign agreement review exercise; vocab work

31— (1/2 day) Vocab flashcards due for E.C.; begin unit IV—discuss Naturalism—create an outline.

February 3-7

3— Lesson three: misplaced modifiers; read “The Open Boat” (710)

4— Lesson four: dangling modifiers; discuss “The Open Boat”

5— (QPD) Mastery test review; read “The Law of Life” (744)

6— Grammar test unit IV; Discuss “The Law of Life”

7— Watch “Into the Wild”

February 10-14

10—Vocab test 10-12; continue “Into the Wild”

11— Continue “Into the Wild”

12— Impromptu Essay; discuss Regionalism

13— Read “The Autobiography of Mark Twain” and “The Notorious Jumping Frog…”

14— Mid-Winter Break!


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