Click on the link below and complete all 3 challenges

Create the charts and answer the following questions. Bring your charts and answers in to class as an assignment to turn in (typed is preferred, but if you write it out please use a rule and a pencil.

1.  Make a chart of substances tested in the activity.  Your chart should have column headings as follows:

* Substance name

*Acid/Base/ or Neutral

*pH (above 7, below 7, or 7)

2. While completing Challenge 1- fill-in the chart.

3.  Create a second chart with the following column headings: 


*Red Litmus

*Blue Litmus

*pH Paper



4.  Please note we will be testing 3 substances IN CLASS and will use the second chart for that purpose.


1.  In general, most cleaning products are __________.

2.  In general, other than water, most of what we drink is _________.

3.  If red litmus paper were available, which of the above substances would turn it blue?

4.  Based on Challenge 3, which substance was the most acidic?  How did you know?

5.  Based on Challenge 3, which substance was most basic (or alkaline)?  How did you know?

6.  What specific piece of information about the substances would have made mixing the proper pH much easier?

Juice Bar Chemistry

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