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Topic 3 "Teammates Medals" Forum
Marion Jones had all of the medals she won at the 2000 Olympics taken away because of illegal drug use. Should her teammates in the relay race also lose their medals?

Post a thesis statement about this issue to the forum. Back it up with arguments and evidence from the articles. Respond to one or...
Topic 5 "Persuasive Topic Scenarios" Forum
In this forum you will find a short overview of each topic. Read through them to find the topic you would like to use for your essay.
Topic 7 "Researching the Persuasive Topics" Forum
This forum contains the topic senarios as well as links to information about each topic. Some of the web resources are NOT valid and reliable. Be sure to evaluate the information before deciding to use it.
Topic 11 "Solving Our Issues" Forum
Which issue do you think the Principal will address first? Why?