Extra Credit Options

Brave New World Extra Credit Options

(Possible 10 points in Homework category or 20 points in Test/Quiz category—you decide)


Due: Wednesday, May 21st

You may only choose ONE!  The writing portion for each option should be completed in proper MLA format.


1.  Slogans


BNW was filled with slogans used to brainwash the citizens.  Identify at least FIVE “slogans” that exist in the modern world that are a form of brainwashing.  Explain what they are intended to convince and who the target “citizen” is (include demographics: age, gender, socio-economics, geography, education, etc.)  Are the “slogans” effective?  Explain. (2-pages minimum)


2.  Caste System/ Hierarchy


BNW has five castes.  Modern America likes to think we do not have a caste system.  Is that true?  Identify FIVE modern “castes” by including FIVE specific examples of people who fit each level and why they are at that level.  Create unique names for the caste levels; they may not be upper, middle, etc. Explain.  (1 ½ -2 page minimum)

 3.    Consumerism


New games are only approved if they require more consumerism.  Create a new game including the name, rules of play, and all of the equipment it requires.  Describe each piece of equipment and its function.  Create prices for each if you’d like.  Write a minimum of 1 ½ pages in which you discuss if our current society is more like BNW in our leisure pursuits and activities, or if it is different.  Explain.


4.  Collage


Create a collage that contrasts BNW with the Reservation.  Try to represent all aspects of life/culture (architecture, clothing, beliefs, entertainment, food, etc.)  Additionally, write a minimum of 1 ½ pages in which you compare/contrast our society to the BNW and to the Savage Reservation.


5.  Morals & Science


Create a chart in which you identify at least FIVE “morals” (beliefs about right versus wrong behavior) as exemplified in BNW.  Use specific examples.  Compare those with “morals” we hold in modern times.  Write at least 1½ pages summarizing your findings.  Are the moral beliefs different?  Yes or no, and to what degree? 


Next, create a chart that lists the pros and cons of cloning.  Use examples from BNW to justify your responses.