Gods Facebook Update Project

Instead of listening to boring Mr. Johnson spend two class periods lecturing about the gods and goddesses, you will be repsonsible for teaching the class about the god or goddess assigned to you.  You will be doing this by updating his or her Facebook page.


  1. Wall posts should be in chronological order and show key events, points, or characteristics of the god or goddess.
  2. There needs to be at least one wall post from another person from Greek mythology that is relevant to your god or goddess.
  3. The information you use needs to be accurate.  If it is not possible to find pertenent information, then be creative.
  4. The pictures you use will need to show the life of the god or goddess.
  5. The status update needs to reflect something about your given character.
  6. You must include a bibliography listing the URLs of sites where information was learned and pictures where taken from.
  7. You will then give a three-minute presentation to the class so they have a good understanding of the importance and influence of your given god or goddess.

Click here for you Facebook page template.