How the World Was Made Questions

After reading the myth, answer the following question with complete sentences.

1. What does the water-beetle's role in the story reveal about the Cherokee's relationship with animals?

2. What traits does the Great Buzzard share with characters you know from other stories?

3. Which events in this myth do you find most memorable and why?

4. What does the narrator say when the Cherokee tradition has no answer or explanation for an occurrence?

5. For the Cherokee, are humans more important than plants and animals or equal to them?  Support your view with examples from the myth.

6. Why do the Cherokee people explain natural phenomena, such as mountains, underground springs, nocturnal predators, or evergreen trees, in story terms?

7. Think back to the other stories you have heard about creation of the world.  Does this myth or parts of it sound familiar to any you have heard in the past.  Explain why or why not.