Part III Reflection


Read Part III of Mind Gym, copy and paste the questions below for each chapter on a separate word doc. Answer those questions on the word doc. Then click the submit button below and copy and paste your responses. Note: respond to the ? should be done too on the front moodle page and there are no additional questions for those parts.

optimist glasses

Attitude Is Everything: Respond to the ?
Riding the Pines: List at least three things you can do when you are not able to practice or compete as you normally do that would be beneficial to your future success.
You Gotta Believe: Do you believe in yourself? What is your belief system about your dreams, your goals, and your abilities?
Between the Ears: Which voice do you hear while you are performing? Which is louder, the negative critic or the positive coach? Explain.
Servant Or Master: respond to the ?
Fear Lives in the Future: How does fear limit your life? Your performance? What thoughts accompany your fears? What physical sensation do you experience?
Breathe and Focus: How do you deal with being uncomfortable (nervous) and is it effective for you?
Be Here, Now: What distracting thoughts have you had during a competition? How do you place your mind in the here and now?
Hurry, Slowly: Talk about a time when things were not going well and you noticed getting stressed. Discuss what you did or could do to slow down and get yourself back on track.
Try Easier: Where do you notice you hold tension in your body when you are under pressure? How does this impact your performance?
Simply Observe: What do you or could you see or focus on while playing your sport that would improve your performance?
The Bottom Line: Complete the visualization process of page 160 of you playing your game, match, tourney, etc. See how long you can follow the process of this visualization before you get distracting thoughts. Respond to the ? on the moodle page.