Part II Reflection

Part II Reflection: LIVING THE DREAM

Read Part II of Mind Gym, copy and paste the questions below for each chapter on a separate word doc. Answer those questions on the word doc. Then click the submit button below and copy and paste your responses. Note: respond to the ? should be done too and there are no additional questions for those parts.

Good Enough To Dream: Describe your dream for your particular sport / activity.
Progress Not Perfection: What are your goals? Make a list.
Don't Shirk The Work: respond to the ?
Fatal Distractions: Tiger Woods is the latest and greatest example of someone whose dreams and goals were adversely affected by his fatal distractions. Give an example (no names) of someone in your sport who has been adversely affected by a fatal distraction and what impact it has had on the person and the team.
Fate Loves The Fearless: respond to the ?
Permission To Win: Does the image you have of yourself limit your success? Explain.
The Fire Inside: Does the fire burn inside you? Do you have a mission? What is it? What motivates you?
The Four D's: respond to the ?