Part I Reflection


Listen to my recording of the reading for the YOGI chapter and then read the remaining chapters for Part I.
For each chapter, there is a short response or "choice" question (?) that I'd like you to respond to. Please compile your short responses in a word doc for each chapter and then copy and paste it into the submission for Part I assignment.

Yogi Was Right: respond to the ?
Mind Games: Share a time when you looked or thought about what you didn't want to do and the result or action was negative.
The Head Edge: respond to the ?
The Pressure Principle: In your sport, how do you view pressure (as a challenge or a threat) and how have you responded to pressure in the past.
Mental Toughness: Give an example of how developing the 7 c's in your sport could carry over and be beneficial to another area in your life now or in the future.
Know Your Numbers: respond to the ?
Responsibility Psychology: Provide an example of a time when you were faced with a negative or disappointing outcome and you responded to the situation in a blaming way and another time when you responded in an accepting way.
Getting Over Yourself: respond to the ?
The Next Level: What is a weakness in your game / performance that you know you should work on, but tend to avoid?