Final Paper- Due June 1st at 10:00 pm

After completing your final fitness assessments, you will be able to complete this final 3-5 page paper. This assignment is worth 100 points and is due on June 1st  by 10:00 pm. You may wish to complete the paper in a word document and then paste it into the area below.  I will grade on grammar and spelling as well as content.

In the following paper, please indicate your baseline AND final fitness assessment scores. You will then proceed to explain if you improved, stayed the same, or regressed in each of the fitness areas. Then discuss your fitness program (break it down into the first 1/2 (Feb.-March) and the second half (April-now.) What did you do? How did you motivate yourself? What was difficult about your program.  Use fitness terms in your paper that we studied throughout this semester.(FITT principle, muscle endurance, muscle strength, cardiovascular endurance, target heart rates, BMI, etc.) 

Next, using the SMART goal writing techniques, what are your long term fitness or wellness goals and how will you achieve them.

Finish the paper with a reflection of this class. Was this a good class for you? Would you recommend it to your friends? Why or Why not.