ACE Fit Facts are concise, one-page health and fitness information sheets – more than 100 in all – each covering a different health or fitness topic. Each sheet contains valuable how-to information and tips – from advice on the best type of exercise for weight loss to pointers on choosing a personal trainer.

You are to visit this website Pick an article and provide a 1/2 page summary on the article of your choice. There are over a 100 good articles to choose from so make sure you are choosing one that interests you. There are a few questions that I want you to answer in your summary.

1) Provide the name of the article on the top of your summary.

2) Why did you choose this article?

3) How could you incorporate this into your daily workouts? Is this something that you would want to do? Why or why not?

4) What are 2-3 things you gained from this article. (maybe something you learned from or something that suprised you).