You are the Personal Trainer

This is a 30 point assignment.  Read the scenario and write a fitness and nutrition plan for your friend Sophie. Use the websites previously studied in this class or other fitness websites you feel would help.

Your best friend Sophie is a freshman in college and 19  years old. When Sophie was in high school, she was quite active in sports (track and field and basketball). She also spent lots of time in the summer biking and walking around the lake. Sophie was 5'5 and weighed a healthy 125 lbs. At college Sophie has been quite stressed out and stays up late studying. While up late she often snacks on chips and mountain dew and an occasional pizza with her friends. In the morning she stops at the coffee shop for her daily latte and muffin. She rarely works out or exercises because she is so tired. She came home for spring break weighing 170 lbs.  Sophie told you she is very unhappy with her weight and needs some fitness and nutritional advise.  Sophie has access to a fitness center and indoor track at her fitness club and at college.

You agree to act as a personal trainer for her. Your job is to find out her current fitness levels (BMI, target heart ratre zone, nutritional needs).  Once you find out these levels for her you need to write her a two week fitness and nutrition plan to get her started.  Your plan should include: exercise plan (follow the F.I..T.T. principle- google it if you haven't used this before) and a nutrition plan. Be specific as to what she should do. Remember a fitness plan should have many different activities for motivation. It should include all areas of fitness (think back to your fitness tests).

This assignment should be approximately 2-3 pages in length.

Good luck helping your friend!