Strength Training Program/Video

Now it's time to talk about a strength training program! The following website offers the reader information on how to safely set up a strength training program. After reading the article, view the 7 short videos on strength training (located to the left of the page) and answer the following questions.

1. In the squat video: a) what are the three muscle groups worked? and b) How far should your knees bend while performing the exercise?

2. In the bent over row video: a) what are the muscles this exercise works? and b) How many sets and repititions should be performed for the average person?

3. What is one common technique error when performing the biceps curl?

4.How do you add a core stability challenge when performing the biceps curl?

5.  Try 4 of the exercises (with dumbells or soup cans if you have them). Which is your favorite exercise and why?