Video Questions

George Malley(John Travolta) is an ordinary person that has something extraordinary happen to him. He develops astounding mental abilities after being struck by a strange light from the sky. As a result of his new abilities, he discovers he has a brain tumor and begins to examine life. He chooses to teach us what is possible if we keep a positive attitude and embrace the human spirit that lies within us.

Moral of the Video: The way we view life is half the battle. Our attitude is the larges part in determing the outcome.

Watch the following scenes from the movie Phenomenon.

Middle Scene 3-4(8:40-16:22)

Scenes 8 - Middle of 9: 42:10-52:00

Middle of 13 - Middle of 15: 1:25:18 -1:38:06

Answer the following questions:

1. In scene 15, George desclares, "I'm what everyone can be. Anyone can get here. I'm the possiblity. What I'm talking about is the human spirit. That's the challenge. That's the voyage. That's the expedition." What does the director want us to get from this scene? Do you agree with these statements? Explain your answer.

2. This is a fictional movie, but George Malley teaches us that anything is possible if we put our minds to it and use the human spirit that is in all of us. Do you believe this is true? Explain your answer. What do you think they mean by the human spirit inside all of us?

3. Who in your life seems to always have a positive attitude regardless of the circumstance that surround them? Do you think this is a choice they make or just who they are? Explain your answer. What do you think about having a positive attitude. Is it easier to said than done? Explain your answer.

4. In Scene 13, people try to tear George down. Why do you think people try to tear down others who change for the better or imporve themselves? When have you seen this happen in your life? What was the outcome?

5. Do you think George's increased learning capacity was due to the UFO(sceince fiction), a brain tumor(science) or his human spirit? Explain your answer.