Got Character

During this semester we will cover 18 traits that make up our character, as well as help us develop into leaders. As young people, it is important for you to understand that good grades are only a part of the puzzle that will bring you success in life. Your character is a representation of who you are to the world. Developing your character and leadership qualities will help you in every relationship you have; from those in your family, to friends, teachers, bosses, but also to those you just meet or pass by. As you move forward throughout this semester, I want you to think about this question: How do I want others see me?

In life, you have choice in everything you do; from getting out of bed in the morning to major life decisions. Each choice you make will have consequences and the goal is to have more good consequences than bad ones.

I hope you enjoy this class and believe that you will be able to take a lot from it.

To begin, watch this video:

I hope it will help you to understand just a few of the traits we will cover. Once you have completed this video, please answer the questions below:

1. Why do you think these traits are considered the Pillars of Character?
2. What do you think about my statement, "Good grades are only part of the puzzle that can bring you success in life." Do you agree or disagree, explain your answer.
3. If you had to choose a person in your life(family member, friend, teacher, etc.)to represent each of the 5 Pillars, who would they be and why?
5 Pillars: Trustworthiness, Respect, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship.
4. What do you hope to get out of this class?