Assignment #13 - "3rd World Farmer" Game

A strong agricultural society forms the foundation of a prosperous and stable national economy.  Unfortunately, for many 3rd world nations including Afghanistan, building and sustaining a strong agriculural society is very difficult.  Rebuilding Afghanistan's economy would go a long ways in creating stability for the Afghan people, but decades of war and dry terrain have made long lasting farming success rare.

For this assignment, you will play "3rd World Farmer" at  This game simulates the annual difficulties that 3rd World farmers go through when trying to sustain a profitable farm.  Oftentimes, success is determined not by the quality of farming, but by circumstances out of the farmer's control.  Just as in Afghanistan you will be faced with challenges that make earning a livable wage difficult.  Hopefully by the end of the game, you will have a clearer understanding as to why Afghanistan's economic recovery will take many, many years.


1.  Log on and create a player account at

2.  At the end of each year (turn) a report will generate in regards to your crop output, financial situation, and reasons for why you had success or failure during that year.  Please print off these reports and turn them all in at the end of the game to your teacher either personally or through email/mail/fax.

3.  Answer the following questions in a MS Word document and upload to earn the available points.  Each response should be EXPLAINED IN AT LEAST 5 SENTENCES EACH. 

-At what points during the game did you experience failure?  Why did you fail?

-Was it always your fault when you failed?  Why or why not?

-What lessons can be taken from this game in regards to how we look at 3rd world farmers, including those farmers in Afghanistan who have had to experience decades of war and instability in their country?