Assessment Option 4 Creating Demographic Maps Using ESRI "Community Analyst"

Note to teacher: this program will cost money after July 15, 2011. You can contact ESRI and they may have education pricing before the fall of 2011.

ESRI "Community Analyst" Assessment Option

Using ESRI Community Analyst This assignment is extra credit. You need to do the Basic Level first , then the moderate level. If you choose to do the advanced level this will take the place of the field study project.

1. Go to:

2. Follow the directions to create your own account- it is free until July 15, 2011.

3. Watch the video that explains how to use the basic functions (you may have to do this at home).

Basic Level

4. Click on “Create Color Coded Map”

5. Choose a Category, make a map of the U.S. or zoom into a particular area of interest.

6. Make a PDF document of the map you made and submit it to Mr. Miller at (5 pt. extra credit)

Moderate Level (This requires independent thinking) Figure out how to draw a polygon around an area of your choosing. (Hint: click on “select location” to start) Name the polygon.

Find a “comparison report” from within this polygon (Hint: “My Sites”- “compare sites”)

Compare this report to Minnesota.

Make a graph Export the data to Excell- Make a graph of this data in excel and email to Mr. Miller at (10 points extra credit)

Advanced Level (10 points extra credit- but you are probably doing this because it’s fun to do)

Find the locations of 3 stores from the same business (caribou coffee, cub foods, etc Make a polygon that roughly represents about a 10 minute drive time.

Within that polygon figure out at least 3 important pieces of data from 3 separate categories (housing, income, people) that demonstrate why the 3 stores are located where they are.

Use the “create comparison reports” function and use “custom data” to get specific information about the demographics within this 10 minute drive time area.

Use the “smart map” function to find other areas of the country that meet the same or similar demographic standard.

Answer these questions:

1. What do the 3 areas have in common in terms of demographics?

2. What is different about the 3 areas?

3. What areas of the country meet the same 3 criteria? If you have many, list a few.

Create a Prezi and submit it with a link or embed it into your answer box in Moodle.

1. The demographic map you made in step one. (Use a screen shot and edit it in Microsoft Paint or another program if possible).

2. Put a pic. of the polygon map you made into a Prezi frame.

3. Put the graph for this polygon into a Prezi Frame. (screen shot or from Excell)

4. Create a Prezi frame that has 3 stores you mapped in advanced level complete with drive time rings.

5. Create a Prezi frame that show each store and the graph associated with its demographic data.

6. Create a Prezi frame that shows a new place that meets the same criteria, complete with a map and graphs showing its demographic data for the same 10 minute drive time.