Assessment Option 3: A Field Study of a Suburban or Urban Redevelopment- Prezi

Field Study of Suburban Development

AP Human Geography

Name of City or Site _____________________________

Create a Prezi to analyze an area that has, will or may be redeveloped.


1. Include a map showing where the area is and a map at a closer scale.

  1. Threshold and Range:Ask several store managers or owners how much business they do in a typical day and where their typical customer is from.Record in notebook.

  1. Transportation:What are the major modes of transportation to this area and how are they accommodated?

  1. Count and classify the types of buildings in the area in your notebook.

  1. Describe and evaluate the quality of the architecture.

  1. Describe the quality of pedestrian networks (walkability).

  1. In your opinion does this place “enrich, uplift and inspire the human spirit?Why?Why not?

  1. Find an article on the history of redevelopment of your area. Do a Google or yahoo search.Example:Osseo-Redevelopment.Find out if there is (or was) controversy or different ideas of how to develop the area.

  1. Survey 10 people chosen at random and ask them how they like this area and why.(optional)

  1. What would you do differently to redevelop this area?

You should work in teams if possible and each team should use a different area for their field study.

Due Date:Tuesday—June 3

Take photos to illustrate your findings for each step above.

Some possible areas to study:

  • Robbinsdale
  • New Hope (Winnetka Green and City Center
  • Golden Valley (55 and Winnetka Area)
  • St. Louis Park (Excelsior, east of Hwy 100
  • Edina (50th and France- proposed development and present situation),
  • Maple Grove (Arbor Lakes)
  • Osseo (Downtown)
  • New Twins Stadium, Proposed Dome Renovation and Redevelopment of area, U of M stadium area,DeLasalle/Nicollet Island
  • Mid-Town Global Market
  • Light Rail Development
  • Mercado Central
  • East Lake Street Re-development- east if 35W
Submit this Prezi by putting the link to the Prezi in the online submission form.