Assessment Option 2: Population Prezi

Choose a country and research the following which you will put in a Prezi:

Frame 1: Statistic Frame: CBR, CDR, Natural Increase, Infant Mortality Rate, total population, population density. Use the UN statistical data base to find this information.

Frame 2: Population Pyramid Frame- Find a population pyramid for your country and describe the age structure of this country. Make sure to put the pyramid and the text in this frame.

Frame 3: Demographic Transition Frame: Put the S curve of DT on your Prezi and indicate where your country is on the curve. Explain why you think it belongs where you put it.

Frame 4: Causes of population situation frame: What factors have contributed to the population growth situation in this country (status of women, urbanization, agricultural society, customs, religious beliefs,etc.)? Make sure you have pictures that correspond with text.

Frame 5: Impact of Population Situation on the People and the Environment: Describe the impact of the population situation in this country: Strain on resources, lack of young people for future employment, dependency ratio, etc. Make sure to include photos that demonstrate the impact of the population as well as text that explains the impact.

Frame 6: Find a population density map of your country and analyze why people live where they do.

Frame 7: Solution to population situation in this country: Efforts to promote birth control use, efforts to promote child birth, etc.

Frame 8: Make sure to use MLA citation for the graphs, charts, maps and information you use in your research. Put the citation next to the text or picture you are referring to.

Submit the Prezi by including the link on the online submission.