Assessment Option 1: Create a map using Google Maps or Picasa “Photo Locations”.

Analyzing the Impact of Human Population on the Environment

AP Geography

1.Create a map using Google Maps or Picasa “Photo Locations”.

2.Choose a theme for the places you will analyze(lake district, light rail District, compare shopping malls, Target Field and surrounding areas, a suburb, a section of Minneapolis or St. Paul, Medicine Lake or any other lake,wealthy areas of the metro area, economically poor areas of the metro area, etc.

Use your imagination, the geographic possibilities are endless.

3.Travel to at least 10 places and take a picture or pictures at each location.

4.Place the picture on the map using the automatic mapping function of Picasa or by recording the address (or latitude and longitude) on paper and placing the photo on Google Maps “My Maps”.(Note:for students who don’t have access to a camera or who can’t travel for whatever reason, they can find pictures on the internet and download them to My Maps or Picasa).

5.Write a paragraph in the “comments” section of the picture that describes the specific things listed below.

Comments Section/Population Impact Analysis

Make sure to include information from each requirement below for each photo you place on your map.

A.Describe the concentration of people in this area.

Are housing units clustered or dispersed? Explain using descriptive language.

B.Describe the density of people in this area.

Are there a lot of people in this area?

Are they there to live, do business (shop), or to recreate/relax?

C.What physical modifications have the humans made to this place?

Describe the human landscape that has been created here.

Describe what you think the purpose of the human landscape is.

Give your opinion as to the positive and/or negative impact that the human population has made to this place. (Think enjoyment, aesthetics, function, environmental degradation or sensitivity, etc.)

A final analysis

Write a paragraph below that describes the overall impact that humans have on the region of your field study.Write this paragraph on a word processing document and submit it online.

How to submit the lesson:In the word processed document you send to me (the teacher), via online submission, include the link to your map.

If using Picasa make sure to click the small box that says,”Show photo locations to viewers of this album”.

If using Google My Maps click on the icon that says “link” in the upper right hand corner of the map page and copy and paste the link to this submitted lesson.

Assessment Option 1:

Click here to learn how to use Google Maps-My Maps or Picasa Mapping Function.

View Mr Miller's Florida Map 2011 in a larger map

Click on the photo below to see an example of a map made using Picasa photo-mapping.
Florida Trip Greg and Diane