Analyzing Maps to Demonstrate a Possible Correlational Relationship of Demographic Data

The purpose of this lesson is for you to compare two maps that represent demographic data and to demonstrate the correlation between the two sets of demographic data.


Natural Increase: The population growth of a country as a percentage of the total population, i.e. how much is the population increasing each year.

GDP Per Capita: The amount of the total value of goods and services divided by population, i.e. how wealthy a country is.gdp


Analyzing the relationship between demographic statistics.
1. What areas of the world have the highest NI?

2. What areas of the world have the highest GDP per capita.

3. What areas have the lowest NI?

4. What areas have the lowest GDP Per Capita?

5. What appears to be the relationship between the data shown on these maps?

6. What are some possible reasons for this relationship?

7. In your opinion do you think there may be a cause and effect relationship between these sets of data? Explain your answer.