Make your own "Gapminder" Motion Bubble Graph

Creating Your Own “Gapminder” Bubble Graph Using Google Documents

The purpose of this assignment is to make your own animated graph that shows how the demographics of a country change through time.  You will use the three UN data sheets that are provided in the links below.  You will find data for differents countries and put it on a Google document spread sheet.  You will use a Google gadget to make an animated graph and lastly you will analyze the graph you made and submit your analysis in writing via Moodle.

Click here for an example.

1.Find statistics from the same demographic category (choose one from the data sheet) for five countries in three years (1996, 2005, 2010) using the UN Data Sheets below.


2005 (starts of page 6 of pdf)

2010 on page 6 of pdf)

2.Create a Google account, if you don’t have one (if you have gmail you can use that account login and password).

3.Create a Google Doc. spread sheet that looks like the one in this demo data from at least five countries; one category of data; and 3 time frames (1996, 2005, 2010).

Follow the instructions on this link to learn how to animate the data.

4.Share your data and bubble graph with the instructor by clicking on "Share"-"Publish as Web Page"-then copy and paste the link into the Moodle lesson submitting box.

When you are done with your graph answer the following questions and submit your answers in Moodle:

1.Compare and contrast two countries from the graph you created based on this data.

2.What is an inference you can make about a country or countries based on the change in data over time?

3.What country changed the most from 1996 to 2010?Why do you think it changed?