Course Overview

For nearly nine years the United States has had a military presence in Afghanistan.

For over seven years the United States has had a military presence in Iraq.

The wars in these two countries have left thousands of Americans dead and will have cost over $1 trillion by the end of 2010.

For years, debate has raged in this country about whether or not military intervention in these two countries has proven successful and whether or not indefinite financial and military aid to these countries is necessary.

Complicating matters in the Middle East is the seemingly never-ending battle between Israelis and Arab Palestinians for control of the Holy Land. Many experts agree that a genuine, long lasting peace between Israelis and Arabs would be beneficial to the long term stability for the entire Middle East region, but is peace achievable?

An answer to that question is not easy, nor is the rebuilding process currently underway in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, through in-depth research, analysis, and discussion on these topics, by the end of this unit, students will have the basic knowledge and understanding to make critical, educated decisions about the appropriate role the United States should play in encouraging a long and lasting peace in these three regions.